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Learning Resources to Improve Your Association Management Skills

Written by Ray van Hilst on . Posted in Association, Avectra Customer Success, Community, Technology


Avectra Academy has been a great success for learning and sharing best practices for association management, technologies, event management and other issues today’s membership based organizations are facing.    We’re very excited by how many association leaders have participated in the past year and made the program such a success.

As we wrap up 2009 we’re putting the finishing touches on a special edition Best of Avectra Academy 2009 White Paper (keep an eye out on your inbox).  While Avectra Academy is a great resource for ongoing learning with eNewsletters and Webinars (oh, and don’t forget it’s FREE and you can earn CAE credits), there are a number of other great resources for training, learning and ongoing staff/personal improvement.

I know I’m missing a few but here’s a short list of other learning programs/communities that are worth checking out (feel free to add others in the comments):

  • Avectra Academy – this is our free learning community which features a monthly webinar and eNewsletter.  In time we’ll be expanding it to include community and other engagement options.
  • Engage365 – from the folks at Compendium this new community is geared toward events and engagement but has lots of great sources.  We also love the fact that content in in is provided by the team at SocialFish.
  • College of Association Marketing – headed up by Scott Oser, this program has a number of excellent sessions both in person and by webinar on topics including membership marketing, growing revenues and more.
  • Principled Innovation – Jeff De Cagna and Ben Martin have a number of excellent resources and webinars/sessions including their upcoming  P.I. Briefing: Top 2010 Trends for Associations (hint, I’m going to try to attend)
  • SocialFish – Maddie Grant and Lindy Dryer are regular speakers in webinars and other events for those interested in Social Media.  Check out their site for some of their upcoming speaking sessions.
  • High Context Consulting – In addition to being a regular speaker for Avectra Academy, C David Gammel has a number of other excellent resources, newsletters and speaking opportunities.

If there’s one thing I believe firmly in is that I’m not the smartest person out there and continued learning is critical in this day and age.  But thankfully there are a lot of smart people out there to learn from as expand my knowledge about association technology, membership, marketing, events and otherwise best practices.


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