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Improved Data Organization Leads to 300% Membership Growth for NVFC

Written by Jodi Broadwater on . Posted in Association, Avectra Customer Success, Avectra netFORUM Software

Does this sound familiar?

“We had so many duplicate data entries, because if we had an individual member who also worked for the state association and was a member of the fire department, they had to be on three separate workbook pages… If we needed to update anything as simple as a phone number or address, we had to do it in multiple places.”
At least you’re not alone.

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) for years found its member-serving efforts hindered by an membership management system that was too simplistic for its needs. With a mix of individuals, fire departments and state associations as members, NVFC managed separate Excel sheets for each member type — making data virtually impossible to maintain or synchronize.

And it’s a good thing there’s a solution.

Tired of yielding to inefficient use of staff time and inaccurate data, NVFC sought out Avectra’s netFORUM Pro association management software to work with — not against — the organization’s membership structure.

With netFORUM tracking relationships between individuals and other individuals, individuals and organizations, and between organizations for improved organization and integration, NVFC is now able to offer additional membership options — leading to a 300% growth in NVFC’s membership in the first year of using netFORUM Pro. What’s more, the organization expects to triple yet again in 2010, said Lee, and netFORUM helps them better serve that growing base.

“The more members we have, the more we’re able to make a difference on Capitol Hill because we’re able to communicate with them as to what needs to be done to affect changes that benefit the volunteer fire service,” she said.

“We’ve always been a member organization, but that was never our focus — it was sort of secondary to all of our other activities and major programs,” she added. ”Avectra has made our processes so much easier that now we’re able to focus more on our members and what we are providing to them.”


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