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Event Management Made Easy

Written by Ray van Hilst on . Posted in Avectra netFORUM Software

Many associations produce the same events over and over.  Networking events, training sessions, committee meetings, etc.

So how often do you treat each one as a one-off event and have to do all the set-up from scratch in your event management system? 

I’m sure for your most common word documents you pick up a previous version, start making your edits and do a “save as”.  Then do the same with your events.

Well this week’s Tip of the Week for our netFORUM Team/Pro customers reminds our association clients that our netFORUM association management software includes a “Copy Event” functionality.

With one click you can pull all the data from a pre-existing event into the new event and you’re on your way to quickly setting up your next regularly scheduled event.

To find out more and see how this event management functionality is tied into our netFORUM association management software, go ahead and sign up for a demo and one of our sales reps will show you how easy it can be.


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