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Blog Post Ideas for Associations (Part 4)

Written by Deirdre Reid on . Posted in Association


An association blog is a great idea until the day you run out of post ideas. However, the stress is worth it. Regular blogging provides valuable content to members and other targeted audiences. Search engines index the keywords in each post, placing you higher in Google search results and the awareness of others.

Here are 12 post ideas I’ve shared so far, starting in Part 1 of this series:

  • Weekly Best Reads
  • Ask the Expert
  • Dear Snarky
  • Photo Friday

Part 2:

  • Newsjacking
  • Futurist Friday
  • Chapter Spotlight
  • Advocate of the Month

And, Part 3:

  • Tweets of the Week
  • Community Highlights
  • Get to Know Your Association
  • Website Shout-Out

13. How To…

Not everyone in your audience is an expert. Many of them came to your blog looking for instruction and advice to help them get ahead. A regular series of “How To” posts is evergreen content that will attract visitors to your blog for years to come. Attract more eyeballs by turning a series of “How To” posts into an e-book.

Even experienced professionals need help understanding new market or industry developments. NTEN publishes “How To” posts that explain new technology and tools, for example, How to Quickly Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices. Listen to and ask your members about the practices, tools, and technology that puzzle them. Find an expert who will write a post or series of posts in exchange for exposure, discount, perk, or payment.

14. Monday Morning Humor

I don’t know about you, but no matter how psyched I am to dig into work, it takes longer to rev up on Monday mornings than any other day. I ease in by reading my RSS feed, and can usually count on HR and social media strategist Laurie Ruettimann to make me chuckle with her Monday Morning HR Humor posts.

Humor is a creativity aid, after all, so it’s okay to indulge in it. If you need help finding the funny, ask for suggestions from your colleagues and readers.

15. Knowledge Nuggets

When staff and members give presentations at your events or elsewhere, share their slides, if they have them, in a post. If you have a video of their presentation, include that too. Provide a summary of the discussion and take-aways. Go deeper by including a short Q&A with the presenter.

The Maryland Society of CPAs’ blog shared a presentation, Social Media for Accounting Students, given by CEO Tom Hood at his alma mater. Notice the other resources in the post – additional advice from his Twitter followers, and related posts, articles, and upcoming MACPA educational events. They’re very adept at cross-marketing (and many other things) at MACPA – keep an eye on them.

16. In Case You Missed It

Your blog’s content should focus primarily on the needs and interests of your readers, not on the association. I’ve seen far too many associations blog only about themselves – their committees, services, and events — boring.

However, an occasional update on association news, programs, and events might interest readers. ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) publishes In Case You Missed It every week. It includes links to new association resources, news, announcements, articles, and online community blog posts.

Bonus Tip: One Stop Resource

ASCD recently redesigned their blog, ASCD Inservice. The new home page includes previews of the latest posts, recent comments, updates from their SmartBrief newsletter and Twitter account, and links to their other social media accounts, including Pinterest.

Searching for particular posts is made easier with a list of category tags and monthly archives at the bottom of the page. Navigation at the top of the page includes tabs for several categories, including “Most-Clicked.” Notice their “Comments Policy” in the header. Backed by this policy, they can easily deal with spammers and trolls. They also have a RSS subscription link in the header and at the bottom. Their readers can find everything they need.

Deirdre Reid, CAE is a freelance writer who still loves RSS subscriptions, especially for cooking blogs.


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Deirdre Reid

Deirdre is a freelance writer, blogger and copywriter. The association community remains her professional home after spending ten years at national and state associations overseeing membership, vendor programs, marketing, publications, chapter relations and more. Away from her laptop, you can find her hiking, doing yoga, cooking new recipes, volunteering at the history museum, or relaxing in a comfy chair with a good book and glass of wine or craft beer.

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