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Avectra’s Nonprofit News – Week of July 9, 2012

Written by Lyn Slater on . Posted in Fundraising, Non-Profit



There were so many interesting stories in the nonprofit/fundraising world this week, that it was hard for me to select just a few. But with the London Olympics starting on July 27, I decided to lead with an Olympic controversy. I certainly hope it is resolved quickly and that the charities involved will soon be repaid.

Just as there are so many excellent articles to choose from, there are also a growing number of charities and causes we have to select from for our giving dollars. I wrestle with this issue every month when I look at the ones I’ve supported for a long time, while eyeing equally deserving newcomers with great causes. How do you make your donation decisions? Please share your recommendation in the “Comments” section below.

Also, don’t forget to share your favorite nonprofit and fundraising sources and stories.

Click on the titles to link to the stories:

London 2012 Olympics: Charities Who Lost Funding To Pay For The Games ‘Won’t See Their Money For Another Decade’

I hate to throw a shadow over the pre-Olympic excitement but it turns out this wonderful event was funded by “borrowing” from dozens of charities. Great Britain’s lottery revenues were reallocated (from the charities) to pay for the 2012 London Olympics but what is considered a “reasonable repayment date” is now the subject of a campaign by the charities involved.


Turning Giving USA Into Giving To My Organization

Great advice from Giving USA in the form of four key (and eminently sensible) principles, on how to make fundraising better for the rest of 2012. I’d say this is a must-read.


Nonprofit Movie Theater Alters Business Model to Include Memberships

Nonprofit Quarterly reports on a historic nonprofit movie theater in Pennsylvania that launched a membership program to supplement its box office revenue, donations and fund-raising efforts.  Another great example of the lines between membership and fundraising organizations beginning to blur.


Changing the Corporate Giving Game: Charity Miles App

For all those good people who run, walk or cycle for charity, things just got a little easier in the form of a new app, The Charity Miles app (for iPhone and Android) lets you easily track your miles, while at the same time earning corporate sponsorship donations for your pick of nine different charities. Very cool eh?


Penn St. Says Donations Hit $208 Million, 2nd Highest Total in School History, Despite Scandal

In surprising news, despite the arrest and conviction of Jerry Sandusky on child sex abuse charges, Penn State University notched up their second highest ever year of donations.  They have some incredibly loyal and generous alumni, that’s for sure.


On Why Strategy Matters For Community Foundations

I read this interesting guest blog post on the Council on Foundations RE: Philanthropy blog. The author stresses the importance of staying focused during strategic planning and not trying to be everything to everybody. You have to know who you are and what you do. Pretty good advice for organizations and individuals I think.






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